Stop Unsolicited Messages From Telcos

Are you tired of receiving Unsolicited Messages From MTN, Airtel, Glo And Etisalat, do you wish to know how to stop these messages from dropping on your line?

Then sit tight, as this article will guide you on how to stop unwanted messages from Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and Mtn.

In accordance with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)  policy, which mandated all network providers in Nigeria to provide a USSD code that subscribers can use to opt out of any category of unwanted text messages, mtn, etisalat and Glo have released the various codes, know as the Do not Disturb, to make this possible.


The Do Not Disturb feature is of two types, there is a partial mode and there is a full mode.

The full mode stops all promotional messages and calls, while the partial mode allow you to block only certain categories of the unsolicited calls and messages.

The following are the various methods that can be used to opt out of receiving unwanted text messages on your mobile phone for MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat networks which already started from July 1, 2016.

This post will focus on how to stop unwanted or unsolicited sms for Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat.

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How To Block or Stop Unwanted Text Messages From Airtel, Glo And Etisalat


The Do-Not-Disturb service allows Airtel customers to opt out of receiving promotional messages for 3rd Party services (Bulk SMS, VAS promos, etc.)

The process of opting out from receiving promotional text messages on an Airtel line is quite easy and straight-forward. Follow the following procedures:

The service will feature the following:

  • Fully Blocked mode allowing customers to Opt Out totally from receiving promotional messages via SMS
  • Partially Blocked mode allowing customers to filter service categories for promotional messages they wish to receive. Any category not selected is blocked.

How much does DND cost?

The service is free to customers.

How to activate DND

A customer will be able to perform the following DND activities via SMS

  • View Status
  • Activate full blocking
  • Activate partial blocking
  • Opt out of DND

Simply SMS “HELP” to the short code 2442 to find out more

The following SMS keywords can be used to set your DND preference.

SMS 1:  for Banking / Insurance/ Financial SMS
SMS 2:  for Real Estate SMS
SMS 3:  for Education SMS
SMS 4:  for Health SMS
SMS 5:  for Consumer goods & Automobiles SMS
SMS 6:  for Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT SMS
SMS 7:  for Tourism & Leisure SMS
SMS 8:  for Sport SMS
SMS 9:  for Religion SMS
SMS STOP:  To block all SMS
SMS OUT:  To receive all SMS

How to Deactivate DND

To opt out of the service, you will need to SMS the word “OUT” to the short code 2442. Once this is done you will now receive all promotional messages. To opt-out is free.


Glo subscribers interested in using the service to text ‘help’ to a short code ‘2442’ to receive a list of fields from which they want to receive or block unsolicited messages. The statement said that subscribers interested in receiving information on Banking, Insurance and Financial products can send 1 to 2442, while subscribers are required to send 2 to 2442 to receive information on Real Estate.

Those interested in having information related to Education only need to send 3 to the short code, 2442. Similarly, subscribers interested in receiving information on health issues are advised to send 4 to 2442, while 5 should be sent to the same code for details on consumer goods and 6 for information on communications, broadcasting, entertainment and information technology.

Also for those wishing to get updates on tourism and leisure will have to send 7 to the short code, while clients desirous of reading about sports need to send 8 to the same short code 2442. Similarly, any customer interested in religious matters should send 9 to the code.


The Etisalat do not disturb (DND) service will allow our customers opt-out
of receiving unsolicited marketing
messages and calls.

Full Blacklist: This allows customers opt out of all third party marketing messages
Partial Blacklist: This allows customers opt out of specific third party service categories e.g. sports, religion, Entertainment etc.

  • To fully blacklist your number from all third party marketing messages, SMS STOP to 2442.
  • For partial blacklisting from some service categories, to 2442. The SMS codes and their respective service categories are:

The following SMS keywords can be used to set your DND preference.

  • banking, insurance &financial products - SMS 1 to 2442
  • real estate - SMS 2 to 2442
  • education - SMS 3 to 2442
  • health - SMS 4 to 2442
  • consumer goods & automobiles - SMS 5 to 2442
  • communication/broadcasting/entertainment/IT - SMS 6 to 2442
  • tourism & leisure - SMS 7 to 2442
  • sports - SMS 8 to 2442
  • religion - SMS 9 to 2442

Or sms “LIST” to 2442 to view the partial blacklist keywords.

You can now be free from those annoying SMS and VAS Promos from various network providers.




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